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In particular, the qualification was significantly altered and expanded by the current UI Cup was abolished and the former first round will be counted for qualification. So the competition now starts with a group stage. The 48 participants are divided into 12 groups and meet in Round game. Meet each of the first and second ranked teams from the departing Drifter the Champions League.

The remaining teams will play in a knockout mode also return the game to the next round. The draws for the knockout round to ensure this is that neither group of former enemies of the same nationality or clubs can meet.

The final of the League takes place in a competition before the start of certain of the UREA Stadium since 1998. This rule is often perceived as unfortunate because it is possible in this way that a playoff takes place in one of the home countries of the finalists, which can bring a significant home advantage. Just the reforms in the 2008/2009 season, however, should the League qualitatively and financially to the level of the Champions League closer.

The first club to win the competition was changed Athletic Madrid. Of course, a significant degree of tension was taken out of the tournament by changing the game mode. Surprises have become less frequent. This fact is just for followers of League Football Betting unfortunate. For this, however, the quality of the clubs and the football was raised, so the competition for attractive football supporters and the clubs has become predictable. Betting on winter sports may namely at various sports books . Four known Sports books where one can bet on winter sports are Bin and Party Bets . All four have their winter sports queuing for you . At a glance you can see which winter sports are active . Betting on winter sports can only play with one account . The Sports books is to create them for free. You also get a welcome bonus that you can bet on winter sports .