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After this brief introduction about the significance of the term strategy, we now want to turn to the relationship between strategy and sports betting us. Going back to the introductory definition of the term and break it in terms of our scope.

A "long-term oriented aiming at a target" is in betting as well as in business activities making a profit. Just as one where an entrepreneur believes that his main goal is to maximize profits, so it is also in betting. "Taking into account the availability of funds and resources," in turn, are in the military sense weapons, soldiers and money in the business scope employees, financial capital and machinery and especially in sports betting capital, knowledge and access to information at For all of these components, it is now necessary to develop the best possible strategy and betting.

In armed military operations must not look far to find a bogeyman - there is an enemy trying to fight using an optimized search strategy. The entrepreneur, the enemy is already difficult to make out the competition, so competitors can be, but then still account for, among other factors as the enemy of the entrepreneur.

But where is the enemy in sports betting, we want to overcome our strategy. Many would say now is, this is the betting that provides its quotas, and against which we must proceed with our strategic knowledge in order to generate profits.

But since there is no disadvantage as so often in life that does not also include a benefit, it should be mentioned also. Through the global network of betting markets and it is now much easier for the customer to choose between different providers. While a local betting a few years ago had a de facto monopoly, betting offers today are substitutable by a mouse click.