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The influence of beliefs as God has always been common in the probabilities which are then applied to gambling and betting online . Pascal in the seventeenth century and talked about belief in God based on the odds and say for example.

You will not gain anything either if you do not believe in God and there. It was then demonstrable belief in God was a safe bet because somehow suited believe in God, especially at that time. Pascal's theory applied to gambling today.

After Pascal comes a new bet contrary to the arguments of Pascal, called Bet Smith was a theological and philosophical approach posed by George Smith in his book: "Atheism, the case against God." This book published in 1979 shows a number of arguments in opposition to the theory of Pascal about God.

The atheists in this case would be successful so believers would have lost a large part of their lives and efforts in trying to satisfy a no person. God created the universe and then left him to his own mercy. Here, both atheists and believers would not worry because God would neither punish nor remainder. De Anyway keep losing those who believe in God and who lost much of the efforts in their worship of God. Here we see that God is not punishing anyone who was conscientious mistakes honestly.

When is the reason that proves that God does not exist then it should not retaliate against the man. It also must take into account that you would have to worry about is the believer since logic would basically be driving towards atheism and blind belief in God without honesty would be a great sin for him. At this point we must remember that as detractors say believers will believe in God not because of honest conviction and structured logic it would be simply a safe bet.