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The 32 football teams will be divided into eight groups of four teams. The second placed team winning team of each group and the next round and play in four groups of four teams continue to victory in the Football CL. The third-placed teams of each group advance to the League from, and the teams that the group matches must have lost off.

The winners and runners up in each group will progress to the quarter-finals. The playoffs are in each CL group in return games played. If after the last decisive group game scores are equal the two teams met, the group winner ever of the following criteria is determined. The number of achieved goals in total and the number of be observed Answers store compared to it. The team with the better goal difference is the group winner.

In the Champions League is a competition of the men's soccer teams all over under the auspices of as well as the Football Championship , can compete against each other to win the coveted trophy. It may 32 football teams in play at the finals of the Champions League. The selection of participating teams is the taking into account a country key of the outcomes of games the last five years reflects each team. So getting 16 specific football teams assigned to a fixed place. The winner of the Champions League football last season is always automatically nominated in the current season.