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The alpine skiing consists primarily of five parts . The five elements are the Slalom , Giant Slalom , Super G and the Downhill Alpine - combination . Slalom is the most technical discipline within the Alpine Skiing . The skiers are tested on their proficiency in making turns to fall. As quickly as possible The Giant Slalom resembles the Slalom .

The big difference is that the gates are further apart in the Giant Slalom . They are wider put on the trail. Here comes next speed also check the technical aspect to brake when making turns . Minimize The Super G is also meant to be as fast as possible down . However, here is the skier even more demanded of his technique .

The Descent is also called the king song . In this section, the highest speeds achieved. Gates are farther apart so that the speeds of 130 km / h can be achieved. Finally we have the Alpine - combination . A combination of a Downhill and Slalom special . Both parts must be done to be able to point its winners. When betting on winter sports , the Descent listed high. It was once the king numbers within the Alpine Skiing .

we bet - at - snowboarding as in the introduction, a distribution in snow and isoprene . Betting on winter sports is not just at the Alpine Skiing . Alpine Skiing does belong to this group , but also other sports covered. Other well-known winter sports are the Biathlon , Cross-country skiing and ski jumping . Of course there are many other snow sports, but betting on winter sports like biathlon , cross country skiing and ski jumping are better known . In Biathlon is intended to be navigating a route as soon as possible . Along the way there are stops where you have to shoot at a target . With a gun This object is made up of five dots. There can be either portrait or landscape shot . If an athlete misses a goal must ski a penalty lap before it can be . Prosecuted the trail When Cross must take a course on special skis .